This Community

We are a vibrant community of Jewish and non-Jewish Messianic believers living in Tokyo. Some of us are bicultural (Japanese and international) or foreign expats who’ve followed their hearts and/or careers, to Japan. We are the body of Messiah here in Japan.


Lovers of Yeshua, lovers of Torah, lovers of the promises the God of Israel has made to his people and to the world.


On the back of nearly two decades of serving the messianic community in the US, the Uchiyamas (pictured above, Paul-sensei and Sara-san) were sent out by our sister congregation in Boca Raton Florida, (also ‘Atys Chayim’) to return to Japan and establish a messianic community in Tokyo.

Mel Willms Photography-88

What began as a group of five members (including the Uchiyamas) in 2003, has grown into a modest, yet vibrant and eclectic mix of international and Japanese, Jewish, and Gentile believers.

We’d love to meet you & enjoy Shabbat together.

Tree of Life Messianic Community   


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